Heal - Retreat Experience Do you feel the call? Others out there are also looking for something. You are not alone. Join us for our Heal retreat in mountains of Kandy Sri Lanka, it’s going to be our biggest and best Heal yet! There are limited spaces left, register now or call/whatsapp us on
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Welcome to the One Bhakthi
Experience Healing Discover More We are a conscious sustainable community manifesting light, love and healing for a new way of living.
Marma Theraphy
Yogic Healing
Experience Marma helps clear the chakras, enabling the flow of energy for getting rid of disease from the body. Marma helps in the overall improvement of health Discover More
Reiki Healing
Chakra Balancing
Experience Live an intense extraordinary life. It makes life more interesting. Let go, Learn to forgive and forget. Let go and go on living! Discover More
Breathwork & Movement Experience Prepare for a journey of Breath & Movement as Mariel guides you through a series pranayama exercises and asana postures creating awareness of the body and space within. Discover More
Let’s create extraordinary health and happiness!

Welcome to One Bhakthi

The desire to afford the luxury of great health, joyful living and inner peace is every human being’s aspiration. From time immortal, this aspiration drove visionaries like you to explore the vastness burpees muscles worked of your inner world, trying to find the key to the secret of longevity and happiness.

The ability to help you transform your aspiration into reality is the heart of One Bhakthi – Healing and Wellbeing Center.

To truly heal pain and suffering, you must go into the gut of pain to release it. This involves the process of forgiveness, letting go, releasing anger, acceptance, and most of all, learning how to love yourself again.

This undertaking is not devoid of challenges. Most people struggle with these challenges all their lives until the day they die and miss the joy of living.

Bhakthi Benefits

Why choose One Bhakthi?

We believe that peace of mind, inner happiness and soul connections are just as important as healthy food, vitamins and the right nutrition.

True healing is not possible unless the healing is done at the cellular and the spiritual level.

In a nutshell, we give you powerful tools to eliminate pain and suffering in the shortest time possible.

Deepest healing comes with the greatest freedom. We are so looking forward to working with you. We will show you preciously what it takes to be a powerful creator and how you can create transformation that will not only transcend your own life, but the lives of many generations to come.

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Heal at One Bhakthi

explore and experiment with different forms of yoga

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Breath & Movement
Yin Yoga Nidra
Prana & Pranayama
Dynamic Breathing
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