Dynamic Breathing

Dynamic Breathing is based on the Swasana Kriyas of Kalaripayattu. Kalari is the Ancient Martial Art of India and also considered the Mother of all modern martial arts. Practised and perfected throughout the ages by great warriors and yogis alike, Swasana kriyas are the most powerful methods to cleanse the entire system and reset pranic energy.

This technique requires very close guidance at the beginner stage. During the first 30-40 minutes the main exercises you will experience are controlled circular breathwork that will take you to the Deep Inner realm. Your breath capacity will increase and this enables you to cleanse the whole system of physical and emotional blockages.

Once the main Kriyas are completed then the 2nd stage of Meditation and Relaxation begins. At this point you will arrive at the peak state – a state of extreme mental clarity and physical weightlessness. With regular practice you are able to reach higher levels of peak state more effortlessly and progressively unlock your body to strengthen your core and achieve the long lasting stamina of a warrior.


    23 Apr 2022


    8:00 am - 9:00 am


    LKR 1,500


    One Bhakthi
    Yoga Shala


    Yogi Nizar

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