Two Days 
Investment – 200$ 


Whether you’re new to Yoga or you’re looking to refresh your knowledge, in this course we’ll dive deeper into the fundamentals of yogic philosophy and the core values behind them, in a way that we can all relate to and implement in our daily lives.

Workshop Overview

In this course you will learn:

  • The principles and paths of yoga
  • The levels of awareness
  • Asanas and their importance to balancing each chakra
  • The different types of bodies – Physical, astral, spiritual
  • The inner dimensions of ourselves; mind, intellect, subconscious, ego
  • How to achieve emotional pleasure, happiness and peace of mind
  • The philosophy of Karma & reincarnation – concept of birth and rebirth and the Divine
  • The yogic path to free will, through self effort and devotion to uncover your destiny

16 hour workshop – Two Full Days.

You will receive a certificate of participation upon completing this course.

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