Danny Casey

Reiki Master / Teacher – Yin Yoga Teacher

At the age of 14, Danny realised he wanted to escape from the South London bubble and had a sudden urge to go to the Himalayas to live and meditate with the monks. Laughed at by his classmates for his “crazy ideas”, he put that dream aside and focused on his academic studies and playing water polo. He then moved to China at the age of 19 to study and inevitably stumbled upon his first yoga class which launched his inward journey and led him to dive deeper into yoga and spirituality.

He practiced and studied Asanas, Pranayama, and meditation in Spain, Australia, and Argentina.

At age 26, he quit his job as an international broker and landed in Sri Lanka where he found his deep resonance with energy healing, specifically Reiki. He aspires to heal the world and be healed. He is now a Reiki master and Yin Yoga teacher.

More about Danny

What changes did you see in yourself throughout your yogic journey? physically, mentally, spiritually?

Everything. Physically, I am now more flexible, and I have real body-weight strength and can hold my body weight on my hands and arms alone. It has helped me to better understand and bring awareness to the physical symptoms my body manifests. I still have a long way to go, but everyday I am closer to understanding how I can heal my physical body holistically.

Mentally, I would say I was finally able to calm my mind and speech! I was always an energetic and fiery young boy, I did and said a lot of crazy, wild things in my short time. It wasn’t until I went to a Mahasi Vipassana meditation retreat for 10 days that I was able to separate myself from my thoughts and the constant jibber of the mind. Though it’s an ongoing journey, I am 100 times calmer than I used to be in day-to-day situations.

On a spiritual level, I don’t even know where to start! When I was young I could zone out of all my troubles and zone out of the material world. As I grew older and faced the challenges of everyday life, I lost that ability. However, when I devoted my time to practice, I remembered how to get in touch with myself and with the Divine. That is now my daily ritual, getting in touch with the Divine.

What changes in the world & humanity would you like to make happen?
I would like to see a world where human beings do not only survive, but thrive. Where everyone’s on their own healing journey, and doing what they love best, conscious of themselves, their speech, their actions and their waste, living in synergy, working together in service of the tribe and the greater good. My vision is a decentralized system of local self-sufficient eco hubs where everyone can thrive in their own unique way.

A personal motto you live by
To walk the path, you must become the path.

I am a flame that brightens and strengthens other flames.

How do you want to be remembered?
Conscious, compassionate, kind and loving. I want to be remembered for my good services to the world and every living being I meet. A being of light. A healer. A Husband. A Father.


  • Usui Reiki 1-4 Degrees – Shoden, Okuden, Shinpinden (3 & 4th)
  • Yin Yoga Teacher Training 25Hr
  • Yoga Teaching Methodology 25Hr