Mariel Adarvez Furlan

Mariel Adarvez Furlan

Yoga Teacher – Academy Manager – Healer

At a young age, Mariel suffered extreme back pain and no treatment was helping. After following a doctor’s recommendation, she began practising yoga by watching online videos everyday for 20 minutes and immediately found results as her back pain lessened.

From there, her interest in yoga began. She travelled to India and attended her first yoga class and completed her YTT, igniting a burning passion for yoga. The more she studied it and began to dive deeper into its philosophy, the closer to herself and her divinity she felt. Her whole belief system changed and Yoga became her path to herself. She took an extra special liking to Ayurvedic medicine and is currently exploring this avenue. She has now completed 200 hr of YTT, 100 hr Yoga Philosophy, 100 hr pre/post-natal Yoga, 300 hr Yoga Therapy and a certificate in Ayurvedic treatment.

More about Mariel

What changes did you see in yourself physically, mentally, spiritually?
Once I began practising yoga my pain disappeared and I became more in touch with my body, understanding where the pain was coming from and why. At that moment I realised we all have the power to heal ourselves. Mentally I became more present and less anxious; I separated my thoughts and emotions from my higher self, and everything became clearer. Suddenly my path, my purpose and everything I did brought me joy. The healthier I became, the happier I felt.

Spiritually, I understood that to find God you must find yourself. God is not outside of us. Everything has spirit, and the more we connect with each other, the closer to ourselves and the universe we feel.

What changes in the world & humanity would you like to make happen?
I would like to see a world full of love, where everyone is aware of our connectivity to one another and to Mother Nature and the impact we have on it, moving away from the material world and towards the metaphysical world. We should all be taking responsibility for our own actions, because inevitably every action has a reaction.
If we allow our hearts to guide us, we can understand our true nature. We are spiritual beings going through a human experience!

A personal motto you live by
Surrender to the moment, everything that is happening is happening through us and not to us. Every challenge is there to open a new layer in ourselves, to help us grow and direct us in our journey.

How do you want to be remembered?
As a kind and loving person, who lived her life authentically reminding people of their true essence. Bringing the world back to love. A healer, teacher, sister and friend.


  • International Yoga Teacher Training 200Hr
  • Yoga Philosophy 100Hr
  • Post-Natal Yoga 100Hr
  • Yoga Therapy 300 Hr
  • Certificate in Ayurvedic treatment