Natasha Yatawara


Certified Meditation Teacher & Healing Guide

Natasha received her Meditation Teacher Training Certification from Koh Phangan, Thailand and since has been guiding meditation sessions with a focus on healing. Her self-healing practice began several years prior,
while she was seeking to cope with her own life challenges. Today, the client feedback she receives for her guided sessions and published articles attest the tools she acquired during her dark hour, lights another’s; both
emotionally and spiritually.

Her work is informed by the foundations of the Buddhist philosophy introduced by her father, faith in Devine Guidance by her mother; shared wisdom of her Reiki, Vedanta, Meditation and Yoga teachers; unintentionally unveiled gems of insight by past, present and future family and friends; along with the kindfulness and guidance of bhantes who continue to support her to this day. Much more so than her Bachelors in Sociology from LSE,

University of London or her Masters in Development Practice from University of Peradeniya. Her current practice is based on the belief that our time on Earth is a unique symphony of the body, mind and intellect, that can be instrumental to uncover the Divine music within. Natasha trusts in the body-mind
connection and that our mind influences the physical experiences. The opportunity to explore meditation techniques of Vedananupassana has allowed her to bring forth a systematic approach to release stress and heal pain using this energetic connection. When she isn’t holding space for inner-world explorations for others or herself, you will probably find her trying to ride waves or make friends with animals by the ocean.

” Let us walk each other home… ”
– Baba Ram Dass