Omaya Senarathna

Yoga Teacher – Student Counselor

Curious about life’s big questions, Yoga found Omaya at the right time and place, in an ashram in India where she met her guruji, Dr Omanand, giving her answers to all her questions.

The more she learned, the more questions she had, allowing her to go deeper into the world of yoga and through it, she understood the mysticism & magic that exists all around us!

More about Omaya

What changes did you see in yourself physically, mentally, spiritually?
Yoga has planted many seeds in me that continue to grow as I practice. Flexibility & strength were just side effects that came with my devotion to the practice. In a world that endorses a still body and a moving mind, Yoga did the exact opposite, it moved my body and kept my mind still. I became strong enough to carry my own weight, both physically and mentally.
As I went deeper into my practice, my connection and communication with my higher self heightened.

What changes in the world & humanity would you like to make happen?
I’m in pursuit to become a devoted giver and receiver of knowledge. Knowledge is a very powerful tool, and a world where humanity is properly educated and enlightened would create a collective spiritual awakening, saving us from the destructive behaviors of humanity. Healing will emerge when we connect to our consciousness.

A personal motto you live by
There are many layers to what makes us human. Conditioning and trauma simmer us down to thoughts and actions that are not aligned with our core essence. We are all on a collective path of healing that extends beyond our physical world.‘Your soul has been on a journey even longer than lifetimes. It first travels through Nature’s evolutionary journey before waking to human consciousness. Thus every human being is born as a hologram of the wholeness of creation and as a fulfillment of the spiritual goal of evolution.’ -Barbara Marx Hubbard

How do you want to be remembered?
As a compassionate being.


  • International Yoga Teacher Training 200Hr