Portia Leigh

Yoga Teacher

Originally from Los Angeles, California, Portia’s yogic journey began 13 years ago after she attended her first yoga class ever. Having experienced unity and quietness of the mind for the first time ever, she surrendered to Yoga, allowing it to take her mind, body, and soul on a spiritual journey around the world.

Throughout her years of practicing yoga, Portia went deeper into its philosophy and witnessed a transformation of her entire life. The philosophy of yoga is what she had most resonated with and what captured her heart and showed her what she’s been searching for.

She went on to study Eastern philosophy in college and the Bhagavad Gita, Ramayana and the Yoga Sutras before doing her YTT 10 years later. She has now completed two 200 hr teacher training and a 300 hr training with her teacher Tanya Popovich, with emphasis on the philosophy of yoga.In her teaching, she incorporates the yogic philosophy in a way that her students can relate to in their everyday life and focuses on the power of breath, meditation, mantra, and movement to form a holistic, heart-centered relationship with Yoga, and discover union with the self.

More about Portia

What changes did you see in yourself throughout your yogic journey? physically, mentally, spiritually?
I’ve always been a physically active person, a lot of the physical activities I did were very intense so the mind would be quiet for a little while but ultimately it would revert back to its busy ways– with yoga, and the combination of meditation and pranayama, I was able to tap into a longer lasting form of peace, that was just the side effect of the practices, as i dove deeper into the philosophy, my entire life was transformed!

Yoga as a holistic system has created more space in between my thoughts and my reactions, it has transformed my perspective from the need to achieve something in order to be happy and reach self acceptance TO knowing that I am already everything I need to be, a divine being with a special purpose– it has continued to lead me towards greater and greater acceptance of all things. Truthfully I feel that I practiced yoga in a past life, when I found the practice, it felt like it had always been a part of me.

What changes in the world & humanity would you like to make happen?
I would love to live in a world where everyone can see the divine in themselves and in every being; A world where we stop judging things as good or bad and instead, come to the understanding that everything is unfolding in perfect alignment with the universe. I want to guide and assist others on their journey towards that wholeness to make the world a better place.

A personal motto you live by
Everything is perfect as it is. Surrender to the beauty of life, what’s unfolding is greater than anything we could come up with in our human mind!

How do you want to be remembered?
For bringing joy to the people who cross my path and for honestly and openly sharing what I’ve learned on my journey, and for always reminding people of their divinity by simply living my life authentically.


  • International Yoga Teacher Training 200Hr
  • International Yoga Teacher Training 300Hr