Stephanie Bichweiler

Yoga Teacher / Devotional Singer / Ayurvedic Coach

As a child growing up in Germany, Stephanie was fascinated by the perennial questions that surround the truth of existence and what our true purpose is— questions that she has found answers to through music, Ayurveda and Yoga. Through music and yoga she has discovered mediums that allow her to become fully absorbed in the present moment, which not only deepens her connection to source, but creates a level of bliss that she wants to share with others. 

Over the course of Stephanie’s journey she experienced bouts of depression, as well as female health issues such as endometriosis, these things ultimately led her to embark on a more conscious path. Ayurveda helped her to heal on a holistic level and it became her answer to living in balance. Her interest and proven experience with the benefits of this age-old wisdom led her to study it in depth, eventually becoming an Ayurvedic Coach in 2021.

As a yoga teacher, Stephanie’s primary focus is on Tantra Yoga, though she practices many different styles. At the end of the day, music is her beating heart and she shares this vibration with others through Kirtan and singing.


More about Stephanie

What changes did you see in yourself throughout your yogic journey? physically, mentally, spiritually?
I was always searching for a physical practice that suits me, something I enjoy and never want to stop doing- that’s what happened when I started to practice yoga seven years ago. I had never felt so good, strong and healthy in my body, and as I tapped deeper into mindfulness and meditation a space opened up where I could connect with the calm part of myself, and find peace in silence and stillness. Ultimately I was able to step more into being rather than doing. Beyond that, with breathwork I have finally found something that brings me into a no-mind state, where I feel completely connected and alive. As my physical practice progressed and I began learning more and more about different ancient spiritual practices, I inevitably began to question the way I lived before, looking closely at my patterns and conditioning.I am so grateful for the knowledge and teachings of Buddhism, Hinduism and Tantra philosophy that I gained over the years, which built the foundation to face the challenges of life with more trust and ease.

What changes in the world & humanity would you like to make happen?
For people to wake up and recognize that they are the creator of their lives and masters of their reality. We always have a choice on how to deal with and react to situations .I hope every human being can find the strength to overcome their fears and societal conditioning so that they can live life to the fullest. Furthermore I want to encourage people to speak their truth, to be totally honest, to share openly and not feel ashamed about a specific topic.

A personal motto you live by
Accept reality as it is. 
Always choose love.

How do you want to be remembered?
For encouraging people to be honest, sharing their truth, and self-inquiry. In particular I want to inspire women to create a loving body connection and to educate them with the tools to heal their bodies, minds and souls. For bringing music to the people, encouraging them to sing which opens their hearts and brings joy into their lives. For my legacy to be that all of my talents and skills combined have healed people around the world. In order to achieve all of this I strive to embody all that I teach and live in truth.


  • Certified Ayurvedic Lifestyle Coach (Dr. Janna Scharfenberg, Switzerland) 400Hr
  • International Yoga Teacher Training (Tantra Yoga) 200Hr
  • Kirtan Leading (Yoga Vidya Germany) 50Hr
  • Ayurveda & Female Healthcare (rollingtiger, Germany) 15Hr